Monday, May 30, 2011

Evelyn Lozada: Why Is Basketball Wives Star on Show with Football Boyfriend?

7:38 PM
Evelyn Lozada Continues to Star on Basketball Wives Despite Engagement to Football Star Chad Ochocinco

Season three of the hit show Basketball Wives is slated to kick-off Monday night and one of it's stars really doesn't fit the title anymore.

Evelyn Lozada was originally on the show because she was the ex-wife of former Boston Celtics star Antonie Walker.

He went bankrupt, and now she decided to switch sports. Evelyn has been dating Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocino for almost a year and now they are engaged.

Yet Evelyn plans to have another huge role in Basketball Wives.

What's the deal?

Clearly the show is her way of staying in the limelight and it doesn't matter what sport her man plays...Evelyn will still find plenty of drama to get into.

But if she marries Ochocinco anytime soon, maybe Evelyn should consider a switch to Football Wives because she simply doesn't fit the title of the show anymore.

Then again, neither does Shaunie O'Neal, the ex-wife of Shaq, whom is currently without a man in her life and is another "basketball wife" that really isn't.

Oh well, as long as there is drama VH-1 will be satisfied.
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